Spider-Man: Agile Way Home


  • Each Spider-Man is individually perfect in his universe: Beats aliens, kicks bad guys, saves the day, protects his city.
  • 2 of them have never worked in a Super Hero Team. No team work experience.
  • They are going to deal with the bad guys on the Statue of Liberty which is basically their “Kanban Board”.
  • Each Super Villain has lost against a Spider-Man before.
    And now Spider-Men have cure for all them. So there is no unknown / surprise “Issue Type”.

Possible Problems:

  • They invited all Villains to their Kanban Board to process.
  • They had to engage each one of them as soon as he arrives.
  • Peter Parkers A.K.A. Spider-Men did not have a working agreement.
  • Minutes of fighting, kicking, flying, web throwing and struggling…. But there was no “Done” Super Villain.
  • Since there was no limit for “WIP”, they became exhausted about the workload. Spider-Men feel bad about themselves.


  • They realized the loss of focus and saw the “Waste” because of unlimited WIP.
    Action: Limit the WIP (Work in Progress) to 1.
  • Even they are so good individually, they need to work together as a team.
    Agreement: “Trust” / “Focus” / “Coordinate~Sync
    (Any resemble to Scrum Values?)

And later?

  • Have a “Retrospective” in a real war state to talk about how they can improve.
  • Say: Lets “Stop starting, Start Finishing”.
  • Limit WIP”.
  • Have “Internal Team Replenishment Meeting” for selecting the next item from Pool of Super Villains.
  • Apply Agile Principle #10: “Simplicity — the art of maximizing the amount of work not done — is essential.”
  • What is our excuse to miss any of those points above? What was getting us away from “Let’s do something about it!”?
  • Our tasks are literally more dangerous than Green Goblin or Sandman and we cannot take any action?
  • Are we too busy?
  • We are trying to deliver something but are we stuck?



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Serhat Önal

Serhat Önal

Agile Coach / Release Train Engineer